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Gel Manicure or Structured Hard Gel Manicure?

Which nail service to get, and why:

A gel manicure is a basic manicure performed using gel polish. Gel polish-while more durable than traditional polish-provides no added strength to the natural nail. Gel manicures are a great lower maintenance option when compared to traditional manicures, and include essential cuticle/nail care and durable gel polish. No need to book a "fill" when returning for your next Gel Manicure! As long as your manicure was done initially at Oodelah, we will take care removing the old gel polish. The lifespan of your Gel Manicure is highly dependent upon how you care for them, but our clients book their appointments every two(2)-four(4) weeks apart.

A structured gel manicure is an odorless, pre-mixed alternative to traditional acrylic. There is no cross-contamination, as with the dip powder services. There is no length added, as with traditional "sets." The length of your Hard Gel Mani is dependent upon the length of your natural nails! Hard gel is applied to the natural nails and cured using the same UV lamp that is required for a gel manicure. The hard gel is then buffed, smoothed and polished with your choice of gel polish. Hard gel adds strength to the natural nail, in turn aiding growth. We recom

mend maintaining your Structured Hard Gel Manicure every three(3) weeks by booking a "Structured Hard Gel Fill." The fill appointments focus on removing old gel polish color, filling the gaps of new growth and refreshing with a new gel polish color of your choice. This appointment is typically quicker, and therefore cheaper.

Regardless of the service you choose, rest assured the health of your natural nails is ALWAYS our priority! As your trusted nail technician, we will give you our best care and recommendations to strengthen your nails and get the most life out of your nail service investment!

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