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Co-Owners & Founders of Oodelah, LLC & Oodelah Wellness, Ltd.



Bodywork, Coaching, Artist
Specializes in Prenatal, Myofascial Release, & TJMD Support

Caelie has been practicing massage for over ten years and is still just as ready to chat your ear off about muscles as she was when she started!  She prefers to take a common sense approach to massage therapy:  using techniques from various modalities that are effective and working *with* the body instead of forcing it to relax.  She utilizes client feedback to guide her treatment.  She is passionate about empowering clients to participate in their own wellness, as well as making wellness routines accessible for those who need them most.  When she’s not at work (this has been known to happen…), Caelie spends time painting, sculpting, and keeping a very messy home full of family, love, creativity, and spoiled rescue pets!

**Caelie is currently accepting new clients!  Please reach out via phone or email to schedule a consultation or to book with her!



Skincare, Waxing, Environmentalist

Alyssa has been a licensed esthetician since 2016, specializing in corrective skincare, natural brow shaping & intimate waxing.  Because of her own struggles with body image, she knows how difficult it can be to appreciate, love, and care for yourself.  She strives to create an approachable, body positive, safe space to help others feel their best and step into their own power!  She is Fearless Beauties certified; providing skincare services to BIPOC & Transgender clients with a scientific understanding of physical differences alongside a progressive and holistic approach.  Whether it is creating an effective and simple skincare routine or monthly brow and Brazilian maintenance, she’ll help guide you on your self care journey!



Operations, Advocate, Baker

Deneka has spent her career as an attorney, specializing in non-profit and mental health work.  Her journey through self care and wellness is one that we hear all too often…  “Like many other women, I always felt that my responsibilities to my family and my work were more important than treating myself.”  Running on empty leads to chronic pain and overall exhaustion!  Through various self care practices and a career overhaul, Deneka found her new passion:  Helping others find their peace and wellness, because self care isn’t selfish and wellness should be a focal point in everyone’s life!  Deneka is our “big picture” person and if you don’t have one, we might let you borrow her sometime because this lady dreams big!  Aside from assisting with our day to day operations, she handles pieces behind the scenes and keeps us pushing toward our passion project; Oodelah, Ltd., our non-profit.  This sector of our business was created to allow us to have a further reaching impact in parts of our community that may not otherwise have access to non pharmaceutical pain relief, self care, or wellness services.  More on that later!  We are so grateful to have her expertise and creativity alongside us for this journey. 


Experienced & Professional Practitioners



Bodywork, Ashiatsu, Lomi Lomi

Sarah graduated from Integrated Massage Therapy College in 2019 and pursued a varied course of continuing education in bodywork and movement therapy.  She is certified in Ashiatsu and Lomi Lomi and has a 200-hour yoga teacher certification from Ashtanga Yoga Studio.  Sarah is passionate about massage and believes in the healing power of touch and the therapeutic value of compassionate witness.  Sara’s primary modalities are deep tissue work, Ashiatsu, and neuromuscular therapy.  Her combination of nurturing touch and therapeutic techniques weave a unique experience for every client and every massage!



Bodywork, Ashiatsu, Athletic Recovery

Casie has been an LMT for 5 years, specializing in Ashiatsu massage with a focus on athletic recovery and healing sensory/somatic tension, chronic pain and trauma.  She takes a holistic approach that addresses mind, body, soul, and community.  Outside of work Casie is planning to continue her education with a Masters in Counseling so she can help her clients heal in other ways.  She is also a musician and loves hiking, cooking, art, gardening, and her fur babies!



Thai Massage, Deep Tissue, & Reflexology

Hannah is a Licensed Massage Therapist who takes a wholistic approach to life and has a passion for helping others.

She currently has a focus on deep tissue work, Thai style body work and reflexology! 

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