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We are committed to serving our community through self-care services that are celebratory of diversity!

  • Custom Massage Sessions

We tailor your session to your body!

  • Individualized Skincare

We have training in BIPOC and HRT skincare

  • Gender Affirming Hair Removal

All gender waxing, Non-Laser Permanent Hair Removal, Safe for all ethnicities​

  • Customizable Retail

Need CBD? Hate fragrances? Love fragrances? Need pregnancy safe? We can mix it!



A rising tide lifts all boats...

Oodelah, LLC & Oodelah Wellness, Ltd. is proud to be an organization that respects, supports, and celebrates our many differences, while be grounded in our  likenesses. 
Our environment is always a BIPOC and LGBTQ+ safe space.  We strive to be inclusive and racially, ethnically, religiously, and culturally competent. For this reason, our Estheticians are Fearless Beauties Certified Providers. This is a thorough training that identifies biological skin differences in all ethnicities, as well as changes that occur when transgender clients undergo hormone therapies. 
You will never find gendered services or pricing here. While it is true that some services require expanded knowledge and skill, we see this as necessary for the well-rounded care of all of our clients, not just benefiting those of a specific gender.
We also ensure the care and comfort of those in larger bodies. Please do not deny yourself self care because you fear your size will keep you from an enjoyable or successful service!
This goes for all of our treatments, from massage to intimate waxing.
Here, you are in safe and skilled hands.

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