Automatic monthly draft each month for continued self care at a discount.  You pick your draft date.  Share your credits with one other person.  Credits valid for 6 months from purchase.

Membership Benefits Include:

Savings of $5/$10/$15 per service

10% savings on additional Esthetic Services

120 Min Massage for the price 90 Min after the use of your membership services

Share your service credits with one other person

Other Freebies and Access to Sales early and not accessible to the general public

Skin Care


60 min, $85/month

Chose one 60 minute massage or essential facial each month.


Two (2) 60- min, $170/month

Chose two 60 minute massages or 2 essential facials, or one of each for each month.

Back Massage


90 min, $115

Chose 1-90 min massage or 1-rejuvenating facial each month.


 Two (2) 90 min, $230/month

Choose two 90 minute massages or rejuvenating facials, or one of each for each month.

Beauty Care


1-Essential Facial & 1-90 min massage, $200/month

Take care of yourself with one Essential Facial and one 90 minute massage each month.


1-90 min massage & 1-Signature or Hydraglow facial, $265/month

Our favorite self care package with two 90 minute services per month.  The Sapphire membership is self care for your body and skin!

Skin Care
Back Massage


1-120 min massage, $150/month

Chose your favorite type of massage for a full two hours each month!


1 Essential Facial and a Brow Shape & Tint, $105/month

Take a moment for yourself with our Essential Facial.  Then, continue with routine maintenance for your eyebrows with a shape and tint.

Eyes and Brows



1-Essential Facial, 1 brow shape/tint, & 1 brazilian



Purchase a Series of services with the largest discount to use as often as you wish!

Bronze:  3 60-min massages:  $240

Steel:  3 90-min massages:  $330

Gold:  6 60-min massages:  $480

Copper:  6 90-min massages:  $660

Earth: 3 Essential Facials:  $240

Sun: 6 Brow & Bikini Waxes:  $400

Water:  3 Hydroglow Facials:  $310

Sand: 3 50-min Back Facials:  $240

***Series Benefits***

$10/$15/$25 savings on each service

Free Upgrades! (CBD spot treatment, full CBD treatment, Magnesium Oil treatment, or Deep Pressure)

Share your Seriese services with one other person!

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