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Approachable Wellness. 
Accessible By All

Oodelah Wellness, Ltd. provides wellness support and self care services to individuals who may not otherwise be able to afford them.  We use good old fashioned fundraising & donations, a sliding scale fee schedule, grants, and partnerships with other community providers to ensure our clients are getting their needs met.  When you book and receive a service at Oodelah, a portion of your fee supports this mission, giving access to our services to those who may not otherwise be able to afford them.  

Our clients include people who experience chronic or acute pain, including people recovering or living with cancer, arthritis, autoimmune disorders, stress & anxiety, and individuals recovering from surgery or injury.  Individuals who do work that requires repetitive movements and postures (like manufacturers, dental professionals, hairdressers, constant computer/desk work, etc) benefit greatly from Oodelah services.  Individuals looking for self care practices that focus on their individual needs will find tremendous support with our team.  Through our non-profit arm, Oodelah Wellness, Ltd. specifically targets underserved populations to give access to services they might not otherwise be able to obtain.  We are here to help Veterans and victims of other trauma with pain management and self care.  We support LGBTQ+ youth in learning about specific skincare needs and help those who are recovering to feel well again...or for the first time.

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