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And the winner is...

Well, winners actually! Congratulations to our Oode-Teachers, Sydnee & Molly, on being nominated and winning self care sessions with us! Thank you to everyone who shared and nominated a teacher. We are honored to be able to care for them!

Norman Music Festival is this weekend so please be mindful of that affecting traffic on Main St! There is also potential for severe weather Saturday so we encourage you to evaluate your plans and reschedule your appointments early if you feel it necessary!

May is a week away, and with it brings pricing changes. The end of April is your last chance to save on self care sessions at Oodelah. Joining as a member locks in current monthly pricing, whereas purchasing a series package will save you the most per session. There is no start up fee to join as a member, and you can cancel at any time. Members also receive 10% off additional services as well as retail. Don't forget-massage packages can be purchased with your FSA/HSA funds!

And finally, here is the updated service menu:

As always, we appreciate your patronage and are grateful to be chosen to care for you!

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